Boat Design, Construction, and Repair Services

The Burnham Boatbuilding Yard provides a variety of services. We will work with you to design the vessel which fits your needs and can construct the vessel you will love and use for many years. When assessing and making repairs we always look at repairs from the perspective of what can be saved and with consideration of the owners budget. With this in mind we might suggest work which can be done by the owner or work which can be put off to the future without jeopardizing safety or functionality.

The Sail making and the Saw Mill functions of our yard round out our holistic view of boat making and repair. We build traditional sails at a reasonable price and time frame. The Saw Mill allows us to cut timbers for your own project or any project we have in the yard.

You will find Burnham Boatbuilding more efficient and higher quality than anyone else.

“I’ve had the pleasure of surveying Harold Burnham’s vessels, and when it comes to design and construction, he is exceptional.
I am very impressed with his unique talent, passion and ingenuity.”

Captain Paul Haley, NAMS-CMS

G.W. Full & Associates, Marine Surveyors