Saw Mill & Ship Timber

We began our Saw Mill in the summer of 2003 after Tony Chaplic decided to move to Kingston New York. Tony worked with us on the schooner FAME and cut much of the wood for the schooners FAME, LEWIS H. STORY and THOMAS E. LANNON . Before he left he offered to sell his Saw Mill to us and we felt faced with the choice of buying his Saw Mill or going out of business.

Now three years later the Mill has its own shed and we have learned a lot about buying logs, cutting wood and selling timber. We are always looking for white oak, white pine, and locust logs. We prefer them to be at least 14 inches in diameter at the small end and we actually like crooked white oak logs for frame stock. The more crooked the log the better. Often a really good piece will come from where a main trunk of a tree broke off and a branch developed into the main trunk.

Although most of the wood we saw is for our own projects, we keep a good inventory of logs and air dried timber on hand for custom orders. It seems these days that there are fewer and fewer mills around that have both the stock and the experience to cut wood for boats, and we really enjoy doing this. We know what boat builders want and can provide it for them. We prefer it if the builder supplies patterns for their stock or is on hand while we cut the timber.

Our prices for stock on hand varies depending on the size and the difficulty of the order.