Traditional Boat Sail Making

Like many other aspects of our business my father got me started making sails. He made his own sails for his sloop RESOLUTE to save money. While that first experience years ago didn’t save much time and the sails didn’t set as well as our later sails do, we learned much and loved the experience. Sail making is another aspect adding to the wholistic philosophy of Burnham Boat building. It is for this reason that I look forward to every sail order. In the years since that first sailmaking experience we have built many other sails for all kinds of traditional vessels including many of those built in our yard.

Although we have worked in other materials, we build most of our sails in Oceanus, believe Oceanus is the best material for traditional sail,s and we are very comfortable with it. Oceanus feels, looks and sounds very similar to canvas; like canvas is comfortable to handle and silent as it cuts through the air(no banging plastic). Another benefit to using Oceanus is it isavaible in several weights and colors depending on what type of traditional vessel it will sail on.

For the most part our sails are finished with double fold tablings and spur grommets with small patches in the corners. We generally use swedish hanks for jibs and three strand Dacron reef points, jack lines and laceing lines.

Our price will vary depending on the type and weight of the sail. And as with almost every aspect of our business we have found ways in which an owner can help us that not only save the owner’s money but give them a better sail and better appreciation of what we do for them.