Our Services

I count my customers amongst my closest friends as we share a passion, so when someone asks me what a boat will cost, I tell them about a year of my life and the rest of theirs. Looking at the boats I built one can not doubt my integrity and seeing how my customers have made their livings with those boats and kept them up should leave little doubt about theirs.

For many years our charter business kept our hands in the operational aspect of our craft while wooden boat design, construction, rehabilitation, and repair, along with ancillary parts of this work provided us with our way of life. 

As customers became fewer and further between, since the construction of Ardelle, the charter business has provided our way of life and kept our shipbuilding heritage on life support for those who want and appreciate what we do.

For new vessels our ideal customers are those who want a vessel for commercial use and whom take the time to help us build them. They understand that when we are through the vessels maintenance and operation will be up to them and the more they learn the better they will be prepared to do this work.

We like doing major repairs on boats for people whom have owned them for a while and also want to work with us. Nothing could make someone appreciate what we do more than  experience on the water and with someone who has that it is all the better.   

 In addition to the new builds and larger repair projects, we get a kick out of providing material and advice, sailmaking, spar and rigging work, and planning to those who are building or repairing boats themselves.  

“I’ve had the pleasure of surveying Harold Burnham’s vessels, and when it comes to design and construction, he is exceptional. I am very impressed with his unique talent, passion and ingenuity.”

Captain Paul Haley, NAMS-CMS

G.W. Full & Associates, Marine Surveyors