I grew up designing, building, and sailing on traditional watercraft and I now have over three decades of experience as the owner of a commercial charter business, that has employed six traditional vessels, all of which I have either built new or restored.

With that experience comes an ability to visualize workable solutions to complex problems and a good sense of what works.

I have assisted, trained, and been subject to Coast Guard inspectors and written Preservation Plans for a number of Historic Landmark Vessels that met not only the requirements of the Codes for Federal Regulation but also the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Ship and Vessel Preservation Projects. 

Several times I have guided  seemingly impossible projects through to success. Other times, I have stepped away and watched other projects  thatI thought were possible fall apart when those in charge wouldn’t listen.

I enjoy this business, I like looking at boats, listening to people’s ideas, and I am not afraid to offer suggestions or tell you what I think. Whether you want a small flagship for your museum, an inspected passenger schooner to do charter work, or to completely rehabilitate a huge historic state ship into a training vessel,  I can put pen to paper and help you write a plan with a reasonable schedule and realistic numbers.