Sawmill & Ship’s Timber

Tony Chaplick milled much of the wood for the schooners FAME, LEWIS H. STORY and THOMAS E. LANNON and before he left town in 2003 he offered to sell us his Saw Mill. At the time, it felt like we were being faced with the choice of buying his sawmill or not having quality timber available to continue building boats.

While we would have preferred to keep Tony, we are grateful to him for selling us the mill. Owning it has allowed us to procure logs from arborists and tree companies who have already been paid for removing them and see to it that nothing is wasted.   

Many of the tree company customers get a kick out of knowing where their wood is going and we are always looking for white oak, white pine and locust. If you want or need some removed from your property call us, we can help you find someone who can help us both. 

Although most of the wood we saw is for our own projects, we keep a good inventory of logs and air dried timber on hand and we like to see byproduct that is not going into our boats go into others. For tricky stuff we prefer if you are on hand when we cut it and supply patterns for the stock.