Traditional Sailmaking

Although at one point I counted over a hundred sails that I had made, I still consider myself a boatbuilder not fussy sailmaker. On the other hand, I know when a boat comes over the horizon, the first thing you see will be the sails, and even up close, the sails on a boat make up  most of what you are looking at. They have to be right. 

I design the sails for our boats as I cut the models, draw them very carefully and make them in the traditional way using Oceanus cloth which I find to be the best material I can procure.

When building sails for boats I did not build, I remeasure and redraw the boat and rig and make whatever adjustments we need to make sure the sails will fit correctly and be what the customer and I want.

 Lately I have had some great young people working with me on this in my shop that I am proud to recommend and support.