Suport the Rehabilitation of the Sylvina W. Beal

Beyond the physical work we will also need capital to pay for material. One of the ways we are hoping to gather this is to offer sailing opportunities in the future in exchange for your faith and support now.

Here list of ways you can give and what we can offer when and if we get the Beal sailing again:  

Buy one or more trunnel tickets, $50.00/ea.:

Good for 1 public sail ticket. 

Support the fastening of a plank, $500.00: 

Receive a citation stating which plank you fastened plus 12 trunnel tickets.               

Become a plank owner,  $2,500.00 :

Receive a plaque stating the plank you helped supported plus a certificate for a half-day charter for the maximum capacity of the vessel. (Our hope is 75 persons TBD)    $2,500.00 

Support a streak of planks, $5,000.00:

Receive a half model of the Beal carved by master shipwright Harold Burnham and one overnight or two half-day charters for the Beal’s maximum capacity. (TBD)                                             

Support the Keelson, Rudder, Spars etc.:  

For larger donations we are happy to discuss options for overnight charters, several day charters, sponsorship of education trips under sail, or what have you.

If you are interested in supporting the project please contact Harold Burnham, (978)-491-7666,

Thank you for your consideration.